Shipping FAQs

When ordering lashes form Goddess Lash Co here are some things you want to keep in mind about shipping:

At Goddess Lash Co we ship USPS first class mail which arrives to you in 3 days. 

If there is a shipping error on our part we will do our best to correct any problems. Contact our email with your order number addressing your issue

We are continuously working diligently to find a better and faster shipping method to accommodate our Goddesses.


Some orders can be delayed and here are reasons why:

 Our post office drop off is done at 3pm and again at 8pm daily. The post office does not ship orders out after 5pm. When an order is placed after 5pm it will not be shipped out until the next Post Office business day.

When placing Saturday orders or holiday orders be mindful that the post office is closed on Sundays and holidays. Orders placed the day before or on a holiday can be backed up which can delay your order as well.

Example would be:

 you placed your order Friday at 7:30pm your order will not be shipped out until the next post office day which is Saturday. USPS does not ship orders on Sunday so your order can take an extra day to get to you.

Tracking numbers are emailed to you when your order is shipped. Allow up to 24 hours after your order is placed to receive this email.