Mink Lash Care

So there are some Dos and Dont's to wearing mink lashes, these lashes are very different from drugstore lashes. With proper care these lashes can be worn up to 30 times making them well with the cost. 


Tip #1

 You should NEVER by any means pull your mink lashes by the hairs. Not when removing from packaging or when taking them off, or any other time. Pulling on the hairs of the lash can cause bald spots which can completely ruin your Mink lashes. 


 Tip #2

 When cleaning lashes or removing glue from the band you want to make sure your gentle and removing glue properly. We have made a video for you showing how we prefer to remove the glue on our lashes here


Tip #3

 Avoid using mascara on mink lashes, this will leave residue on hairs making them clump together. It also will dry the hairs out leading to breakage. It is best to apply mascara and let it dry before your mink lashes are applied.


Tip #4

 Avoid showering with these lashes, if you are someone who does makeup before showering it is best to apply lashes after you have finished in the shower. 


Tip #5 

The use of hair glue is strongly not suggested, as this will permanently attach itself to the lash band making glue remove close to impossible. We highly recommend to use Duo glue or another eyelash glue you prefer.