About Us

Goddess Lash Co is a quality Mink lash brand, fit for all goddesses world wide. We are a cruelty free brand, no Minks are harmed in the process of gathering hair for our mink lashes. The Mink hairs are gathered by the brushing of the Mink tails, those hairs that have been shed are then sanitized and used to create our beautiful lashes. Our lash band is made out of 100% cotton, which makes our bands very flexible and thinner than others. Our lashes are made for reuse and can be worn up to 30 times with proper care. 

Our name came about by our Ceo Slevin Monroe and her love for Greek mythology, which encouraged her to learn about other cultures and their different Gods and Goddesses. She knew that lashes are eye catching, with or with out makeup lashes can be used to enhance your already natural beauty. There is god/goddess in every one of us and she created this lash line to bring out that inner beautiful deity.

Our mission at Goddess Lash Co is to enhance the beauty of our customers and unleash your inner Deity. Whether you think your a fierce lion goddess like Sekhmet, a love goddess like Oshun or even a badass demon destroying goddess like Kali. We hope that you fall in love with these lashes and the goddesses that they were named after and your able to do your own research on them and see why our CEO was so compelled to choose them. We hope that you love these lashes as we do and choose to always order your mink lashes with us.