I don't know what glue I should use on my new mink lashes?

Hey Goddesses, 

So we get this quest a lot and thought we would share our lash expertise with you. So the best glue we can recommend is the DUO brand lash glue. They have several different types of glue and applicators. Below are some images of the different glue types and applicators. 


All of these lash glues are safe to use on mink hair, human hair and synthetic lashes. All of these lash glues can be found at your local drug store or beauty supply store, they are very affordable and are no more than $7.00

The glue removal process is soooo easy, you can use your fingers or tweezers to gently pull on the glue. Be careful not to pull on the lash band, this can cause bald spots and unnecessary shedding as well as breakage and holes in the lash band itself. The use of hair glue on our mink lashes is strongly NOT suggested. Hair glue is very hard to remove from the lash band,  because our lash bands are wefted from cotton with minimal glue (for the comfort of our Goddesses eyes and easy application flexibility). Hair glue soaks those bands and becomes very difficult to remove.

Remember when purchasing our mink lashes you are paying for QUALITY mink lashes, our lashes can be worn AT LEAST 25 times (we have tested this). when choosing to use hair glue you are cutting down the lifespan of your Goddess Lash Co mink lashes. For the full enjoyment of your mink lashes we strongly recommend that you purchase DUO eyelash glue.  

DUO brand eyelash glue will be available to purchase on out website very soon for the convenience of our Goddesses, so make sure your on the look out for the announcement. Hopefully this helps you keep your Goddess Lash Co mink lashes in pristine condition for the FULL lifespan of your lashes.


                                                                    XOXO from Goddess Lash Co

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